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Euromerc is located in Paraguay and
responsible for finding ambitious and capable
farmers for cultivation and establishing a close
cooperation. This ensures traceability from
the field to the final product and enables us to
provide excellent quality.
The product is then processed and refined.


The products are then cleaned and refined in Asuncion, a process that is always tailored to the customer’s requirements. We have been doing this there for over two decades and have acquired extensive know-how.

In addition, the company’s business ethos is dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, reflecting its commitment to quality from cultivation to end product.


Through the second location, the German sales office in Europe, we are first able to understand customer requirements in detail and, through production at the origin, implement them precisely. This synergy of knowledge, customer proximity and market knowledge makes us a competent partner in agriculture and food.
Our service is to support you in solving the challenges of sourcing your raw materials.